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Acid Dawg - R12

Acid Dawg - R12

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Acid Dawg regular weed seeds by Karma Genetics is one of the latest strains to make it through Karma's gruelling testing process, specifically designed to ensure that only the very best genetics make it to public release. Intensive testing is just one of the many reasons that Karma Genetics has become the legendary breeders they are today, with stable terpene profiles & growing traits being consistent across the board.

The Acid Dawg weed seeds are the offspring of Karma Genetic's flagship Sour strains, the incredible male KG Sour D Bx3, crossed with their selected mother cut of Star Dawg. The terp profile found in the Acid Dawg is seriously gassy, with the blend of the Sour fuel from the Sour Diesel Bx3 alongside the chem notes from Stardawg's lineage creating the perfect marriage of sour gas and chem funk.

Legal growers can expect monstrous yields that reek of potent gaseous notes during flower. The buds can swell so significantly that support is typically required before the 4th week of flowering; Stardawg has leant its heavy yields & easy to grow traits here, making it equally as suited for amateurs as it is for expert growers.
Pack Size - 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 9-10 Weeks
Lineage - Stardawg x KG Sour D Bx3
Yield - Medium to High
Seed Type - Regular