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Apple Fritter x Jealousy - R12

Apple Fritter x Jealousy - R12

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Apple Fritter x Jealousy Regular Cannabis Seeds by Grounded Genetics is the latest regular strain to be released from the Grounded Genetics stable, this new variety is another strain underpinned by the exceptional breeding stock found with their Jealousy stud.

Grounded Genetics picked the renowned Lumpys cut of the Apple Fritter as she has proven to be an exceptional breeding stock time and time again. Lumpy's clone-only cut of the Apple Fritter continuously passes her high yields, colourful tones & unique soap and sweet fruit terp to the resulting progeny & to everything she is pollinated or bred with. Lumpy's cut is the only Apple Fritter cut that Grounded Genetics believes is worthy of taking up a valuable spot in their stable. The general consensus with other breeders and connoisseurs around the globe is the Lumpys Cut is the GOAT cut and not to be looked over.

Despite all of these winning characteristics, she does lack a little bit of potency; this made for the perfect opportunity for Grounded Genetics to cross her with their Gelato 41 x Sherb bx1 (aka Jealousy) stud. The resulting progeny shows the increased yields amongst the Jealousy characteristics whilst simultaneously giving some much-needed power to the Apple Fritter.

The Jealousy stud has improved the overall structure through improved bud density and increased the frequency of lateral branches. The Lumpy Status Apple Fritter throws notable spear-shaped buds that some phenotypes will express rounder, dense boulder-type buds as found in the 41 x Sherb bx1 aka Jealousy. The overall terp profile found in the cross is intricate and complex, blending together sweet fruit notes with soapy hints alongside tantalising dessert tones & heavy gaseous hits. The majority of phenotypes finish in 60-65 days & the overall yield is medium to high.
Pack Size - 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 60-65 days / 8.5 - 9 Weeks
Lineage - Apple Fritter Lumpys Cut (Clone Only) x Jealousy
Yield - Medium to High
Seed Type - Regular