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Cheese on Toast Regular Cannabis Seeds Ultra Genetics

Cheese on Toast Regular Cannabis Seeds Ultra Genetics

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Cheese on Toast Regular Cannabis Seeds Ultra Genetics is a super-stinky and offensive-smelling Cheese hybrid strain. She has extremely large yields that reek to high heaven of cheese-funk!

This extremely skunky plant is full of offensive-smelling phenotypes, some stink like vintage cheddar with a burnt toast edge that makes it truly moreish and unique. Cheese on Toast is a heavy indica-dominant and flowers in about 9 weeks!  

The Sugar Tits pollen donor is a cross of Sour Grape Kush x Animal Cookies that is known for its powerful effects, crazy resin production as well producing a smooth, sour fruit terp profile that has a heavy pineapple influence in some phenotypes. Her resin production is off-the-charts and she was an elite choice to cross with the legendary Blue Cheese in order to create this stinky, skunky new Cheese hybrid. 

Brand Ultra Genetics Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Number of Seeds 10
Genetics Indica Dominant
Lineage Blue Cheese x Sugar Tits
Yield High
Seed Type Regular