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Digweed - R11

Digweed - R11

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Digweed is named after the elderly cat at House of the Great Gardener (HOTGG) which has a penchant for eating marijuana. This Indica dominant cannabis strain from HOTGG is derived by pollinating a Sweet Tooth female with a GG#1 male. Digweed is an original HOTGG variety, developed in-house.

When HOTGG cultivated this strain of marijuana in a legal territory, the plants grew vigorously, sprouting side branches with large, dense, dank buds with an earthy fragrance and floral undertones.

Digweed is available today from Alpha as collectable, souvenir seeds in feminised or regular form. Order today and help preserve these incredible genetics for future generations to enjoy.

Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 7-8 Weeks
Genetics - Hybrid
Lineage - Sweet Tooth x GG #1
Yield - Medium
Seed Type - Regular