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Jumpshot - R12

Jumpshot - R12

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Jumpshot by Grounded Genetics is one of the first regular strain releases from these talented breeders, that continues their legacy of fusing together some of the most highly sought-after, rare modern genetics.

Grounded Genetics located the authentic breeders cut of the clone-only Gary Payton (The Y x Snowman), which was bred and selected by @KPowerzzz, and pollinated her with their Jealousy male (Gelato 41 x Sherb Bx) bred by Seed Junky Genetics to create the new Jumpshot.

The Y/ Y Life is one of the most desirable, one-of-a-king and desirable plants to be a part of the Cookie Fam camp; it birthed the Gary Payton and it's sister, Cereal Milk, among other legendary cultivars that the Y/ Y Life's heritage is studded deep within. Yet, despite the unbelievable terp profile uniqueness & desirability, it has reached an almost mythical status because it is so challenging to find Y / Y-life flower on the market. This scarcity is because it isn't the highest-yielding cultivar but also because a tiny group of growers retain the cut and keep a close eye on it. Crossing the Y/ Y Life to the Snowman enhanced the production, the overall potency and resin production, forming a commercially viable strain with the Gary Payton.

Grounded Genetics' Jealousy stud, (Gelato 41 x Sherb bx1), adds powerful hits of candy aromas and dark purples, almost black colours, to both leaves and within the flower itself. The resulting offspring found is full of vigour and resilient plants, which produce deep, dark fan leaves with a lovely leather-like handle and many of the keeper phenos tend to exhibit the crinkled fan leaf trait found in many of the Sherb lines.

The Jumpshot typically produces plants that have grow with an unbelievably dense 'window breaking', boulder-like nugs throughout the cross this cross. Notes of the Sunset Sherbert run throughout the Jumpshot phenos, this is countered heavily by added funk notes ranging from complex artificial candy to gassy, sweet cookie & cream-fuelled notes. The resin content is also improved substantially from the parents strains, the Jumpshot trichomes are some of the stickiest felt and are abundant in terps and active compounds making for an extremely pungent and potent smoke, definitely has a lot of sedative properties and rightly so is considered a bit of a 'day-wrecker', so no doubt this is more of an evening cultivar. Jumpshot also contains above average levels of THC which when combined with the standout terp profiles that make Jumpshot a useful strain for pain relief.
Pack Size - 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 8.5 - 9 Weeks
Lineage - Gary Payton (Clone Only) x Jealousy
Yield - Medium to High
Seed Type - Regular