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Kushi Melon - F6

Kushi Melon - F6

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Kushi Melon female weed seeds by Karma Genetics are part of the latest strains to drop from the legendary breeder Karma Genetics. Karma Genetics has long been recognised for its work in producing fire genetics that have been tested properly and succeeded in creating genetics that stands the test of time.

Kushi Melon uses a Hells Angel OG mom; an old OG Kush cut sourced from Orange County, California. Kushi Melon has a beautiful lemon pinesol terp profile countered by a subtle earthiness in the back notes. The reversed pollen from the Melon cut lends an extremely gassy, slightly sweet citrusy lemon flavour. Some of these plants will produce extremely dense mid-sized buds that make up for this size with surprising density. Other phenotypes will express some larger buds that have less of a dense bud structure. Whilst in veg the progeny show extremely large leaves, and the stretch is medium to quite high.

Overall the Kushi Melon female weed seeds grow extremely easily when compared to a classic OG Kush, this new OG hybrid has an incredible bag appeal and an aroma that your nose will want to keep smelling.
Pack Size- 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 9-10 Weeks
Lineage - HA OG x Melon
Yield - Medium
Seed Type - Fems