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Lemon Drop Cookies

Lemon Drop Cookies

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We selected a phenomenally flavorful and resinous Cookies & Cream phenotype bred by ExoticGenetics, from seeds we hunted thought to make this masterpiece. Lemon Drop Cookies has a Vanilla buttercream frosting and cookie dough smell on the flower buds, but when grind it up, ithas a wild berry cake, and creamy sharp lemonade smell. Some phenotypes even have somecoffee terpenes coming though in the aroma and flavor.  

This strain should be left to growers if a moderate skill level. The phenotypes I would be lookingfor in this would be the short internode spacing, dense purple cookie buds that smell like frostedlemon cake. 

THC percentage is around 22-28% THC. It is a hybrid, but leans more towards the Indica spectrum. Yield is above average for a cookie cross. She will also grow noticeably faster than most cookie crosses as well. 


  • Product Features 
    • Genetics: [(Cookies & Cream (Lemon Skunk x Alien Kush F2)]