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New Jack City - R12

New Jack City - R12

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Large New Jack City yields are possible, but she’s a thirsty lady and will need a heavy feeding schedule.
Jack Herer x Commerce City Kush is the genetic lineage and this is showcased with the finished product of tight, frosty buds and delicious old skool flavours. This is a very, very potent strain with lots of resin production.

The Dampkring, for the uninitiated, is an iconic Amsterdam coffeeshop famous for its comfy surroundings, celebrity clientele, and of course top-quality cannabis.
Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s bustling city centre, The Dampkring differs from other coffeeshops. Their cannabis is more varied than other menus – old skool strains mix with modern varieties, but the great value pricing and unique décor and ambience remain, setting The Dampking apart from other coffeeshops.
Now, we have a whole new range of regular cannabis seeds from this legendary smoke spot – each new strain bringing a fusion of old and new cannabis genetics.
Pack Size - 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 10-11 Weeks
Genetics - Hybrid
Lineage - Jack Herer x Commerce City Kush
Yield - High (500g -600g+ m2)
Seed Type - Regular