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Original Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms - F7

Original Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms - F7

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Original Cheese Feminized Seeds by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms is the distinctive female version of the Big Buddha Cheese, a British mainstay strain for almost two decades. Big Buddha's Original Cheese took first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006.

"Always stick to the Original", Milo of Big Buddha urges everyone to seek the infamous Cheese. It is the most delicious and premium Cheese that Big Buddha has ever created. Milo of The Original Big Buddha Family Farms was able to track down the legendary cut of the Original Cheese from the 1990s, which has survived for the past 30 years.

The Cheese has undergone numerous transformations throughout the years for multiple reasons, whether down to several distinct phenotypes found in seeds or, as a result, it is naturally adapting to the landscape in which it is cultivated.
Big Buddha first sources the original Cheese clone through the legendary character Zorro, the founder and Editor of Red Eye Magazine. Unfortunately, it was lost at one time, and the crew had to resort to using various copies of the Cheese, which were just as remarkable but not identical to the original. The Original Cheese clone produces tiny, perfectly shaped seeds and is notorious for being challenging to breed and produce feminised seeds.

The Feminised donor is a cheese that was selected from Big Buddha's seeds; this 3rd generation of Cheese backcross had the necessary genes to produce an extraordinarily pungent and heavily potent feminised seed by crossing it to the original clone. The flavour is composed of the unique old-school Cheese funk that is full of the flavour & power of Skunk varieties from yesteryear. The high is special as it has no ceiling and is intensely Indica fuelled in a way that only Cheese can. The Original Cheese Feminized seeds use the Original cut of Cheese, first given to a friend of Big Buddha in 2004 by Big Buddha, which they have kept safe ever since. In short, you can't get a more authentic cheese than this, so be sure to stick to the Original!

Brand The Original Big Buddha Family Farms 
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 7-10 Weeks Indoor/ Outdoor end of October
Lineage Cheese Clone Only 04/05 x Original Cheese (Cheese Bx3 ) 
Yield Above Average/ Respectable 
Seed Type Feminized