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Rocky Melon - F6

Rocky Melon - F6

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Rocky Melon by Karma Genetics is one of the latest strains from the esteemed breeders at Karma Genetics. Karma Genetics has gained a reputation for rigorous testing procedures, ensuring that their genetics tick all the boxes before a strain is ready for release. Rocky Melon is a cross using their Rocky Dennis mother and they've reversed their acclaimed Melon to produce pollen to dust the Rocky Dennis with. Rocky Dennis is a heavy sour diesel and gasoline leaning cross from Cannardo using Sour Dubble and their infamous Colorado FLO, a staple strain for the state.

The top reported aromas of the Rocky Dennis strain are spices, herbs, and sour diesel. It is said to taste like citrus, fuel, and earth.

Rocky Melon is a hybrid strain with a super terpy and potent smell and taste that will keep this on your palate and up to your nostrils. Thanks to the outstanding mould resistance, she's an excellent choice for most legal growers. The plant will grow to medium heights and can show a wide array of vibrant stunning colours in the later flowering period. The overall bud structure is quite spiky, with many sharp edges to the buds as opposed to a more rounded shape. The flavour profile is a lovely complex mixture of tasty, gassy fruit with an extra sweet candy back end; thanks to the trichome coverage on it and the exotic terpene profile, this has the potential to be both a unique and outstanding strain for extraction.
Pack Size - 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time - 9-10 Weeks
Lineage - Rocky Dennis x Melon
Yield - Medium
Seed Type - Fems