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Name: Strawberry Diesel Cookies
Pool: Original Strawberry Diesel x Tropicanna Cookies F1
Brand: Oni Seed Co.
Type: 15 Souvenir Seeds (R)
Achievement: ‘Big In Japan’

COOKIES SEED NOTES (from the grower)

The Strawberry Diesel used in this cross was selected by me, from the original release of the strain over a decade ago. This Phenotype was held closely by forum members ever since and even after a bust during the prohibition days decimated my personal stable, some people still kept her in rotation.

Time went on and I eventually fell out of touch with some of my forum pals only to reconnect over a decade later at a high times event. I was shocked to find out they were still rocking this Strawberry Diesel cut and even had a few other of my original selections as well!! It was destined to be crossed to my award winning, Trop Cookies F1 male, I just knew it.

Now after a year or so of testing, Strawberry Diesel Cookies is ready for release. Growers can expect medium height plants with way less stretch than the Mother cut once in flowering. Strawberry Diesel Cookies is hyper sweet and gassy on the nose with more phenotypes leaning toward chemical funk than straight fruit for which the mother was selected in the 1st place. Her soapy, sickly sweet funk translates perfectly to the flavor which makes SDC a perfect choice for Hash making of all kinds. My personal testers all finished in 65 days or less in flower but some testers found a phenotype that went 70 days and was extremely potent.

Overall, I’m extremely proud of this cross as it has been a very long time in the making and the resulting progeny have been so impressive I cannot wait until more growers get their hands on these.